Italy: From the markets: collapse of vegetables, under the euro

Published Oct 4, 2023

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In Italian wholesale markets, there is an abundance of goods, especially vegetables, due to favorable climatic conditions. The prices of most vegetables remain stable or have decreased, except for vine tomatoes which have increased. Local products like chestnuts, grapes, and persimmons are of high quality and reasonably priced. Overall, there is a good supply and stable demand for fruits and vegetables in the market.
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There is a lot of goods and prices are dropping. In Italian wholesale markets there is an abundance, especially of vegetables, also due to the climatic conditions. The traditional change of season is also delayed with the persistence of consumption of summer fruit such as peaches, and even a little melons, even if chestnuts are sold thanks to the good quality of the product. In Verona the climate allows for plenty of local products: courgettes, cucumbers, radicchio. At the Verona market Andrea Bonizzi, agronomist and responsible for quality and price list, takes a snapshot of the commercial dynamics: "There is no particular dynamism, we are witnessing a high supply, average demand but stable prices. Some items are on sale. Horticultural crops have seen an extension of the production cycle due to the good average temperatures, even if some items suffer from the night-time temperature range". Let's see the references: “There is availability of courgettes with a medium-sized product ...
Source: Myfruit
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