Italy: Price of tomato increased, peaches stable and watermelons declined

Updated Aug 25, 2021
Low volumes and low consumption in the city, business is done on the coast. This is the picture of the month of August in wholesale markets where the price of tomatoes jumps, peaches and nectarines hold, and melons and watermelons continue to descend. Always a few cents. In Milan peaches up by 20/30% compared to previous years The Milanese market is suffering from the Augustan exodus effect and the closure of many businesses. In terms of volumes, as always in this month, there is a significant reduction. The price dynamics of the various items are interesting, illustrated by Bruno Barcella, entrepreneur and representative of Fedagro Milano, who identifies the most significant trends in the Milanese square.
Bruno Barcella The situation of the products? "Both peaches and nectarines have kept pace, due to the lack of product both in Italy and in Spain, with a price 20/30% higher than last year, but with much lower quantities. The prices are above the euro - 1.10 / 1.30 euro - the small sizes, the medium ones are at 1.40 / 1.50 and the extras at 2 / 2.20 but we are in the niche. It was a difficult year for apricots: very little quality, not large quantities and very high prices. The lack of product was also felt with the French, we saw little product from beyond the Alps. Now there is something belated and conserved while the prices are very high ". A niche right now. Disaster of watermelons and melons: ridiculous prices, tomato on top The watermelons and melons chapter is sad: "It went very badly, a fairly disastrous year with prices that touched the ridiculous and still continue on this wave. It is also difficult to cover the costs of managing the product ". We are a few cents. Let's ...
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