Italy: Price drop in tomatoes, fennel at 50 cents, and peppers at 3 euros

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Published Jan 31, 2024

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The article discusses the fluctuating prices of various fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms in different markets. Vine tomatoes have seen a significant price drop, while courgettes, Spanish peppers, and onions maintain a higher price. Late variety and Spanish clementines are increasing in quality and price. In Rimini, the price of tomatoes has dropped due to overabundance and low consumption, while in Cagliari, sales are slow due to high prices. Zespri yellow kiwis range from 4 to 7 euros per kg, Greek green kiwis are around 2 euros, and Italian ones can reach 3 euros. The prices of mushrooms in the Italian wholesale markets range from 2.40 to 3.70 euros per kilo for white field mushrooms, and above 3 euros per kg for Pleurotus Ostreatus.
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In some markets the vine tomato loses more than a euro which, from the usual over 2 euros in recent months, in some sites drops to just over a euro. Courgettes resist above 2 euros for the dark ones and often around 3 euros for the light ones, while square Spanish peppers often cost around 3 euros. On the citrus front, common clementines are decreasing in price and quality in favor of the late varieties and the Spanish product. The Tarot always sees 2 euros recognized for the larger pieces. In Rimini the vine tomato is just above the euro. The prices from the Rimini market are edited by Alessandro Marchese, president of Fedagro Rimini and national vice-president of the association: “The Sardinian Terom variety artichokes are priced at 1/1.10 euros per head for the first cut, Apulian artichokes with Violet c 3 are 0.60/0.65”. Citrus chapter: “On common clementines we are with Italy in the final part, the late and Spanish varieties which cost 1.80/2 euros per kilo have a quality ...
Source: Myfruit
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