Italy: Figs for 6 euros, grapes for 2

Updated Aug 30, 2023
Summer fruit has held its price, but there is fear of a temperature inversion that will cause consumption to fall. Prices remain stable with grapes at around 2 euros like melons, from 1.50 to 2.50 for the extra product, while figs go up to 6 euros. The first apples and pears offer good prices, South African oranges sell well at around 1.50 euros per kilo. The Dutch square pepper skyrockets, contrasted with its Polish origin with much lower prices. Good prices for melons and watermelons from Mantua, grapes around 2 euros. There is no big news in the prices of the Florence market. Prices that do not fluctuate significantly. Dynamics that the national vice president of Fedagro Aurelio Baccini, also president of the Florence association, explains to “Vegetables have prices similar to those at the end of July. On melons there is an average of 2 euros per kg with 1.50 for the haul to reach 2.50 euros for the certified smooth Mantuan. Watermelons start from 0.50 euros per kg ...
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