Italy: Grapes skyrocketing, bunch tomatoes even at 3 euros

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Published Oct 25, 2023

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The price of grapes and vine tomatoes is high in some markets, reaching over 3 euros per kg. Chestnuts are also in demand and can reach over 7 euros per kg. Italian strawberries, citrus fruits, pears, and vegetables are also experiencing price increases and shortages in supply.
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As expected, the price of grapes skyrockets and in some markets, on average, exceeds 3 euros. Prices are also high for vine tomatoes, with little Italian and Dutch produce reaching close to 3 euros per kg in some places. Given the situation, products from Albania and Poland also arrive. Prices for the larger sizes of persimmons are downward - but sustained - and Italian kiwis start with over 2 euros per kg for the loose product. The Sardinian and Apulian artichoke campaign is underway, in some markets chestnuts are doing well and, despite having small sizes for the good product, they can reach over 7 euros per kg. Italian strawberries are represented by Veronese and Trentino products, plus Dutch origin. In Padua, chestnuts up to 7 euros, Calabrian clementines above 2 euros. What are the items with the most demand at the Padua market? Roberto Boscolo, president of Fedagro Padova, responds to and explains these trends. “It is chestnuts that are enjoying good consumption, ...
Source: Myfruit
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