Italy: Potatoes and onions at unprecedented prices, lots of Spanish fruit

Updated May 10, 2023
Temperatures drop and the price of courgettes rises, the prices of tomatoes are still and high, always above 2 euros and up to 5 for the yellow datterino. Even peppers above 2 euros, aubergines and cucumbers suffer under the euro. The fruit sees the Spanish domination with the last tail of citrus fruits and the first summer fruit that arrives from the Iberian peninsula. Never before seen prices for onions and potatoes. The Tropea onion is strong in Catanzaro, the price of courgettes is falling For the Calabrian wholesale, the point of reference for discovering the market dynamics is Palmino Rotundo, president of Fedagro Catanzaro where the agri-food center is a crossroads for all the markets in the region. “We are in the middle of the Tropea onion campaign which is going well, becoming increasingly well known and happily selling. With the PGI, the price is around 2 euros per kg but can go up to 2.50 euros, without the sticker it can cost half as much". A local product that ...
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