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Peru: Fruit and vegetable consumption in the US remains positive; promotion should be increased

El consumo de frutas y verduras en EE.UU. sigue siendo auspicioso; se debe incrementar la promoción
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Regulation / Agreement
United States
Jul 27, 2022
From Agraria
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Products such as avocados, lemons, blueberries, tangerines, mangoes and grapes, several with significant Peruvian participation, show an increase in the level of consumption among the US population. The consumer is more attentive to the offers in a situation of economic crisis.
( Since the beginning of the new century the United States began to sign free trade agreements with different nations of the world, its consumption of fruit and vegetable products has increased substantially. Fernando Bustamante, supply manager for Walmart in Peru, says, for example, that avocado consumption in the North American nation has jumped from 1.5 pounds a year to 8 pounds a year. “The Hass Avocado Board did a great job in the United States with consumption, especially with the price of avocados. It has invested in research and development of its nutritional qualities, increasing consumption”. But it's not the only case. There is also that of Persian and Tahiti lemons (“limes”), whose consumption grew by 20% in the last five years. These have displaced the large yellow lemon known as "Eureka". Blueberries have followed the same path, adds Bustamante, noting that in the last decade they have had a significant boom related above all to their health benefits, ...
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