Fruit and vegetable price trends in Italy as of March 25th

Market & Price Trends
Published Mar 26, 2024

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As of March 25, 2023, the Italian fruit and vegetable markets are experiencing varied trends due to the upcoming Easter holidays, with increased demand for seasonal products such as asparagus, artichokes, beans, and strawberries influencing price dynamics. Asparagus and beans are seeing a price reduction due to abundant supply, while strawberries' prices are on the rise despite their high availability. The article also highlights the end of the fennel and Italian orange seasons, stable potato demand, and a decrease in pepper prices owing to surplus supply. Additionally, a slight increase in radicchio prices is noted due to reduced production. Meanwhile, courgette prices continue to fall because of persistently low demand, reaching levels lower than those of the previous year. This overview is based on data from Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana (Bmti) and Italmercati, covering major Italian wholesale markets.
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The approaching Easter holidays leads to a growth in demand for various products, artichokes, asparagus, broad beans, but also potatoes and strawberries. For asparagus the season started slightly early. The harvest of long green Friggitelli chili peppers has begun. However, the fennel campaign in Campania and Italian oranges is about to end. Demand for courgettes remains low. Thanks to the agreement with the Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana (Bmti) and Italmercati we are publishing the survey of fruit and vegetable prices at the wholesale markets as of March 25, 2023. Below is a summary of the main types of fruit and vegetables on the market. In the downloadable pdf you will find the details of the graphs and the findings on the main Italian markets: Milan, Bologna, Padua and Rome. For Tarocco oranges, March ends with stable prices at levels lower than the last campaign, especially for the small-sized product which still has high availability. As the Italian orange campaign draws to ...
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