In Greece, Georgantas raised the bar for the producer price for sheep's milk to 1.70

Published Sep 29, 2022

Tridge summary

Fires have been lit in Thessaly, the mention of the minister himself, Giorgos Giorgandas, in a private discussion with a female breeder in Elassona, that the level of 1.70 euros per kilo, as a producer price, could be a "fair price" for sheep's milk, at least under the present circumstances.

Original content

The events that followed the specific report obliged, as it is said, the minister to... withdraw the specific apostrophe from the speech, however, its echo still rings in the villages of the plain. And all this, while the negotiation for the price of goat and sheep milk that will take effect during the new dairy season is entering its most critical phase. Time frames have now narrowed dramatically and the pressure on all parties involved to clear up the landscape is becoming more than suffocating as we enter October. The anxiety about what will happen, as the knot is getting dangerously close to the scallop, was also widespread at the Panhellenic Feast of Feta & Gastronomy, the three-day 23 - 25 September in Elassona and dominated the many "wells" that were set up between the present producers, processors, politicians actors and visitors to the event. "So far everyone is playing defense. However, the entry into October leaves no room for the liquidity situation to remain. The ...
Source: GRAgronews
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