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Georgian Chestnuts Export lays the first chestnut orchard in Kartli (Eastern Georgia)

Georgian Chestnuts Export закладывает в Картли (Восточная Грузия) первый каштановый сад
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Oct 19, 2020
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Brown, shiny chestnuts appear in Tbilisi markets since mid-September. This is the very beginning of the chestnut harvest, which continues until about the 20th of October. Until recently, in Georgia, chestnut was considered a wild crop, since, according to popular belief, it mainly grows in forests. Although the chestnut tree adorns many Georgian household plots.
As the founder of Georgian Chestnuts Export Levan Benashvili, who works with the Adjarian chestnut variety, confirmed to EastFruit: “In Adjara and Guria there are both old and young chestnut orchards, although small in size. Of course, more chestnut trees grow in forests. And people take care of them as much as possible in order to reap the harvest. " Most chestnut trees grow in the forests of the Black Sea coast of Georgia, as well as in other regions - in Guria (Western Georgia), in Kartli and in Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), where the Karelian forests are mainly famous for this plant. Chestnut trees are considered to be long-lived, and in the Georgian forests one can find trees that are several hundred years old. The chestnut tree is fruitful, but for several years, for a number of reasons, chestnut trees have yielded very little harvest, disappointing the farmers who grow chestnuts in their orchards. Levan Benashvili excludes that the cause was a marble bug, which literally ...
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