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Germany confirms new outbreaks of ASF in two herds of domestic pigs in Lower Saxony and Brandenburg

Alemania confirma nuevos focos de PPA en dos rebaños de cerdos domésticos en Baja Sajonia y Brandeburgo
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African Swine Fever
Jul 4, 2022
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The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) has reported the detection of African Swine Fever (ASF) in two herds of domestic pigs in Lower Saxony and Brandenburg, one of them located in the northwest of the country in the vicinity of the border with the Netherlands. The German authorities have not detected any epidemiological relationship between the two cases located more than 400 km away from each other. This new jump demonstrates once again the long-distance dissemination capacity of the ASF virus, Suddenly affect areas distant from the affected areas and free of the disease, which represents a significant risk for other free Member States, as is the case of Spain. One of the affected farms is a fattening farm, with a census of 1,300 animals, located in the municipality of Prenzlau, in the Federal State of Brandenburg. The farm is located in a free area until the time of the disease, although very close to the area subject to health restrictions due to the ...
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