Germany, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and the Gulf countries are priority markets for Georgian almonds and walnuts

Published Jun 8, 2023

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On June 1, the Association of Almond and Walnut Growers of Georgia, with the support of the USAID program, organized a seminar on the export of the most important nut crops. During the event, Giorgi Gudabandze, expert of the Georgian Exporters Association, presented an overview of the export markets for Georgian almonds and walnuts. According to the association, 5,500 ha of almond orchards and 4,500 ha of walnut orchards have been planted in Georgia, but only 11% of almond and 27% of walnut orchards bear fruit.

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Therefore, in the next few years, local production of walnut crops will only increase. Where to sell Georgian nuts? The Georgian Exporters Association has identified three countries - Germany, Turkey and Azerbaijan - and one region - the Persian Gulf - as the main export destinations for Georgian almonds and walnuts. According to Giorgi, the methodology for selecting the markets mentioned above as the most promising markets for walnuts and almonds is based on the following criteria: a free trade agreement (FTA) signed or about to be signed, high consumption of nuts and dependence on imports, availability of processing capacity, high purchasing ability and promotion opportunities such as trade fairs and other promotional opportunities in these regions/countries. Also, these markets are attractive both in retail and wholesale trade. See also: AWPA of Georgia predicts a sharp increase in walnut and almond production in 2023 Germany is the largest economy in the European Union (EU). ...
Source: Eastfruit
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