Ghana transferred the first batch of seeds for eternal storage in Svalbard, Norway

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Published Oct 25, 2023

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Ghana has become the fifth African country to deposit native crop seeds in the World Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway. Seeds of key crops including corn, rice, and peas were transferred to the storage facility. The facility, which is managed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, is designed to protect seeds from potential global disasters and is currently storing 1.08 million seeds out of its capacity of 2.25 billion.
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“We have transferred our first batch to a strategic storage facility,” he was quoted as saying by the BBC media group. “From now on, the seeds are under reliable protection in the interests of all humanity.” Seeds of key crops for the agricultural sector of Ghana: corn, rice, peas were transferred for storage. Previously, seeds from Africa were transferred to the storage facility on Spitsbergen by Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia. The storage facility is a former mine and is located in permafrost at a depth of 130 m. It maintains a constant temperature of minus 18 degrees. The facility was created in February 2008. The Norwegian government spent $9 million on its construction. The UN Food and Agriculture ...
Source: Kvedomosti
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