Global GMO industry sees China as a strong ally

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Published Nov 4, 2023

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China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has approved the cultivation of 37 varieties of GMO corn and 14 varieties of GMO soybeans as part of a pilot program to address food security concerns. Experts predict that consumption of GM crops in China will reach adoption rates similar to North America within the next five years. The approval process for GM crops in China has become more predictable and expedient, which could benefit countries like Canada and the United States in promoting GMOs in the global trade arena.
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As China moves closer to commercial production of various genetically modified crops, this trend strengthens the position of GMOs in general. The portal has read an article by Canadian agricultural journalist Sean Pratt, published on the portal The Western Producer, in which experts familiar with the situation expressed their opinion on the production of GMOs in China: “The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China recently approved 37 varieties of GMOs for cultivation. corn and 14 varieties of GM soybeans. These permits are part of a pilot program introduced in 2021 to jump-start commercial production of GM crops to address food security issues in the country. Ian Affleck, vice president of plant biotechnology at CropLife Canada, says, “We have always received approvals to export GMO crop products, but China has not approved anything to grow. This has changed a lot. My contacts in China report that consumption of GM corn and soybeans will reach North American ...
Source: Agroxxi
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