South Korea: Grafted cactus exports red light, sales channels are blocked due to strengthened quarantine

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South Korea
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Published Sep 27, 2023

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The export of grafted cacti, a significant flower export item, is facing challenges due to decreased exports to the Netherlands and stricter quarantine measures in the United States. The decline in exports has resulted in increased disposal rates, causing significant financial losses for farmers. Farmers and exporters are trying to address the issue, but there is a need for more policy support from the government to overcome these challenges and find solutions at the quarantine stage.
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A red light has been turned on for the export of grafted cacti, a representative flower export item. The number of disposals has increased due to a recent decline in exports to the Netherlands and the strengthening of quarantine in the United States, the largest export destination. Farmers and exporters are actively responding, but it is not enough. ◆ Declining cactus exports = In 2022, cactus exports recorded $4.44 million, surpassing lilies ($1.68 million) and roses ($870,000) to rank first among flower products. It has led the flower export market for two consecutive years since 2021. However, the atmosphere of the grafted cactus this year is unusual. According to the Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Quarantine Headquarters, the total export volume from January to August 2023 was only 2.99 million units. This is a 19.6% decrease compared to the same period last year (3.72 million units). The export volume of grafted cacti, which was 7.18 million in 2020, has decreased to ...
Source: Nongmin
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