Russia: Grain exports from Bashkiria increased one and a half times in the first month of the year

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Published Feb 15, 2024

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In January 2024, Bashkiria saw a significant increase in its grain exports, with a rise of 52.8% compared to the same period in the previous year. The country exported 45.5 thousand tons of various grains and leguminous crops, including barley, wheat, flax, peas, and others, to a wide range of countries such as Belgium, Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Kazakhstan, and China, among others. This follows a successful year in 2023, where agricultural enterprises in Bashkiria exported 471.8 thousand tons of grain, marking a 2.3 times increase from 2022.
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Bashkiria in January 2024 increased grain exports by one and a half times compared to the same month last year. 45.5 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops were sent abroad from the republic, while in January last year deliveries amounted to 29.8 thousand tons. The annual dynamics amounted to 52.8%, or 15.7 thousand tons, reported the Rosselkhoznadzor department for the Republic of Belarus. “Bashkir grain was purchased by Belgium, the Republic of Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, the People’s Republic of China, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkmenistan, Turkey, and others were added to this list this year,” the department said in a statement. Supplies by crop were distributed as follows: Barley - 18.9 thousand tons; Wheat - 7.8 thousand tons; Flax - 2.9 thousand tons; Peas - 630 tons; Safflower - 170 tons; Oats - 100 tons. Chickpeas, buckwheat, camelina, milk thistle, vetch and other crops were also sold abroad from ...
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