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Grain harvest balance, good yields despite the drought in Austria

Updated Aug 5, 2022
Grain production excluding corn is estimated at around 2.9 million t for 2022 and is above the level of 2021 due to increased area and higher yields. Of the 2.9 million t, 1.8 million t are wheat and rye. Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) sums up the forecast total production of maize this year, which will exceed 5 million tons.
Grain prices have risen sharply in the past year, but organic grain prices are lagging behind conventional prices. Fertilizer costs have tripled in the same period. Grain irrigation to secure yields is gaining in importance. Foreign trade in the 2022/2023 marketing year, including maize, is estimated at an export volume of 1.8 million tons, imports at 3 million tons. Günter Griesmayr, CEO of AMA, sees a good supply situation for grain, a staple food, despite crop failures and rising production costs. The chairman of the grain advisory board of the AMA, Ernst Karpfinger, emphasizes the high quality of Austrian grain and especially the deliveries of premium and quality wheat to Italy. "These exports form the basis for high added value," says Karpfinger. Austria's imports come from the surplus regions of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, while Austria traditionally sells high-quality wheat to Italy. Christian Gessl, the responsible department head at AMA, points to a decline ...
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