Grain production of Russia in 2021

Updated Nov 11, 2021
The share of Russia in the world grain market is 4.3% according to preliminary estimates in 2021. Despite the fact that the current year turned out to be very difficult for Russian farmers, the gross grain harvest is projected at the level of 119-121.4 million tons. In 2021, in addition to standard state support programs, an additional 10 billion rubles will be allocated as part of the grain damper. Due to the introduction of a floating duty, Russia may lose its leading position in the export of wheat.
On the position of Russia in the world grain market, the dynamics of grain imports and exports, as well as forecasts for the development of the industry in the Russian Federation - in the research of the "BUSINESS PROFILE" Group. Russia in the global cereal crops market Preliminary estimates of world cereal production in 2021, produced by the UN, allow us to expect new records and an output of 2,800 million tons (including rice in milled form), which is 1.1% more than in 2020 year. Rice. 1. Production, consumption and stocks of cereals in the world in 2011-2021 Source: Despite the high level, the current production of cereals will still not be able to cover the consumption of the agricultural season 2021-2022, which will lead to to the reduction of world reserves. World cereal consumption in 2021-2022 is projected at 2,811 million tons, which is 49 million tons (1.8 percent) higher than in 2020-2021. Wheat Fig. 2. Production, consumption and stocks of wheat in ...
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