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Hungary's grain prices have gone down, flour may become more expensive

Updated Sep 1, 2021
We have to be prepared for the fact that meat, bread and milk will definitely become more expensive in Hungary, and if all this is not enough, another flour increase may come in September, said Zoltán Lakatos, President of the Grain Association of the Grain Association, to the Agricultural Sector. He added that the constant rise in prices is due to the brutal decline in grain prices, as a price spiral has developed in Hungary, which is only rising and can no longer be stopped.
The price of flour may rise The large price increase that is now being experienced with wheat started two years ago, first at a 30 percent and now at 60 percent price increase, and currently the price per 80 thousand forints per tonne is not uncommon, Zoltán Lakatos informed the Agricultural Sector. Wheat is overpriced in Hungary and treated above its value, he added. Last year, at least 40 percent of the pig population in China was cut off due to African swine fever and then resettled. The United States and China could not reach an agreement, so the United States could not supply corn there, so China broke into the European market and bought all the feed, which raised prices. In Hungary, the sown area of wheat has been decreasing for years, but this year we managed to reach the average yield of 6 tons per hectare, and this has never been seen before - we learned from the President. He stressed, however, the quality was not favorable, the proportion of good quality wheat is around ...
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