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Greenhouse vegetable prices drop in Belgium, but still exceptionally high

Updated Mar 15, 2023
Last week, Belgian greenhouse vegetable prices, though still high, fell slightly again. In many cases, higher middle prices were again recorded at VBT auctions in week ten: €3.10/kg for TOV, €0.73 per cucumber, and €2.42 for a kilo of bell peppers, for example. While there have been green bell peppers for a while already, the first colored bell peppers are slowly emerging from Belgian greenhouses. The first yellow ones fetched a €3.54 median price. Lettuce prices are also high.
There is talk of a decreasing middle price, but that is not evident yet. Lamb's lettuce's average price has even climbed, contrary to the five-year trend. It should be noted, though, that, unlike many other greenhouse products, no above-average prices were achieved for these products in recent weeks. In week ten, strawberry prices were quite a bit lower, in line with the five-year average. A kilogram of this ...
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