Guatemala: Fruit and vegetable industry becomes more complex due to logistical delays

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Published Oct 13, 2023

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Political unrest in Guatemala has caused logistical delays and hindered exports of fruits and vegetables. Protests and road blockades have resulted in fuel shortages and difficulties in the supply chain. The demonstrations are demanding the resignation of the Attorney General for alleged election result manipulation.
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Guatemala, a large exporter of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, has been experiencing logistical delays due to political unrest in Guatemalan territory. Learn about the products that Guatemala exports. Since last week, Guatemalan exports have been persistently hindered due to protests that are impacting various aspects of the fruit and vegetable supply chain. Local news in Guatemala has stated that protests and political demonstrations have intensified and have resulted in the closure of several roads throughout the country and have caused road blockades that have caused fuel shortages in some regions and have made logistics very difficult. and traffic on major roads. Unfortunately, the chaos has forced many maritime and trucking companies in Guatemala to reconsider and restructure operational strategies until they can secure measures that can be implemented to protect the Guatemalan people and the lives of those who operate transit and logistics. Regarding fruits, ...
Source: MXfruit
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