Vietnamese Hanoi peach blossoms have deep discounts before the full moon day of January

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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Unfavorable weather conditions in Vietnam have led to early blooming of peaches, forcing many growers to significantly reduce their prices in an attempt to recoup some of their investment. Wild peach branches, previously priced between 1 - 2 million VND, are now selling for just 500,000 VND, while other peaches are half-priced at 200 - 300,000 VND. Despite these price cuts, the peach market is seeing less activity with fewer buyers.
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On the morning of February 20, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy (42 years old) brought the remaining peach branches before Tet to the market to sell with the hope of recovering some of her capital. "This year, small peach branches can still be sold, but wild peaches and large peaches have a purchasing power of more than half compared to previous years" - Ms. Thuy said. Ms. Thuy decided to deeply lower the prices of all types of peaches to serve people's post-Tet flower shopping needs. Wild peach branches that previously sold for 1 - 2 million VND are now reduced to only 500,000 VND. Peaches are half priced at only 200 - 300,000 VND. "We put the peach branches to sell in the hope of selling one dollar or the same, but had to bear the loss of some value" - Ms. Thuy shared. Mr. Trinh Quang Vinh (66 years old, Nhat Tan) also sold small peach branches to serve people on the occasion of the full moon day of January. He said, before Tet, these peach branches were worth more than 100 - 200 thousand ...
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