Harvesting twice a year, Ministry of Agriculture's CSA land cultivation index translucent IP 200

Updated Jun 5, 2023
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SUBANG -- Increasing the Planting Index (IP) is the main target of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) to increase rice production to meet basic food needs, through the Strategic Irrigation Modernization and Urgent Rehabilitation Project (SIMURP) Program in Indonesia. IP is the average planting and harvesting period of one year on the same land. Two harvests per year were achieved by agricultural extension locations through the CSA Demonstration Plot (Demplot) CSA increased from 1.93 in 2021 to 1.99 in 2022 on the CSA Demonstration Plot land in the SIMURP activity area. SIMURP's CSA target for IP is to increase from 100 to 200 and so on up to 400 or four plantings a year. The SIMURP program covers 24 districts in 10 provinces, with different IP levels according to the characteristics of the land and the resources supporting the agricultural land in each region. This achievement was enthusiastically welcomed by Bustanul Arifin Caya, Head of the Agricultural Extension ...
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