Harvests benefit from climate in northern Europe

Maize (Corn)
Published Oct 27, 2023

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The European Commission has revised downward the yield variations for maize and sunflower crops in the EU due to adverse weather conditions in specific regions such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece. While northern European regions benefit from mild temperatures and favorable growing conditions, southern Europe experienced extremely high temperatures and low levels of rainfall, impacting crop harvests. Dry soil conditions in several regions, along with moderate and wet conditions in Estonia and Finland, have also affected the sowing and emergence of winter crops.
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The European Commission recently revealed a downward revision of yield variations for maize and sunflower crops in the European Union (EU). According to data published in the publications repository, The JRC Publications Repository, the downward revision is mainly attributed to a protection in the prospects of summer crops in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. See also: EUROPE: intense rains recover soil moisture An analysis revealed that the first half of autumn in most of Europe featured high temperatures, being one of the warmest since 1991. Northern European regions especially benefit from mild temperatures, adequate levels of soil exposure and high sun exposure , creating an environment conducive to the growth, maturation and harvest of summer crops. These conditions also favored soil preparation and sowing for winter crops. However, southern Europe presented a totally different scenario. In specific areas of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Greece, extremely high ...
Source: Agrolink
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