Hatay – One of Turkey's leading cotton production centers

Published Jun 12, 2024

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In Hatay, Turkey, despite the heat exceeding 40 degrees, workers in the Amik Plain, a major cotton production center, are clearing weeds around newly planted cotton crops. These workers, who receive a daily wage of 515 TL, work for 9 hours a day starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. The work involves hoeing weeds from the cotton plants, a task made more challenging by the extreme heat. The article highlights the dedication of farmers and workers in continuing their agricultural activities, even in the face of adversity, including recent earthquake damage and current high temperatures.
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HATAY (IHA) –Despite temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in the Amik Plain of Hatay, one of Turkey's leading cotton production centers, workers are clearing cotton plants from weeds by hoeing them. The workers, who receive a daily wage of 515 TL, work 9 hours a day. While the wounds continue to heal in Hatay, which was hit by the earthquake, farmers' work continues uninterruptedly in the Amik Plain, which is the agricultural products production center of Turkey. After the wheat was harvested, farmers planted cotton in the soil. Agricultural workers, who have started to clear the weeds that form around the sprouting of cotton, continue their difficult hoeing work in the heat exceeding 40 degrees. Agricultural workers who continue their hoe shift in Terzihüyük District of Reyhanlı district receive a daily wage of 515 TL by working 9 hours. Agricultural workers, whose work starts at 6 in the morning, work until 3 in the afternoon against extreme temperatures. "Workers receive a daily ...
Source: Kamu3
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