What will happen to fish and seafood in Russia?

Published Nov 7, 2022

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The wholesale price of social fish species such as capelin and mackerel has decreased compared to last year. Prices for herring and pollock stabilized. Despite the decline in the catch of Pacific salmon in the Far East, a shortage of red caviar and fish is not expected. Experts expect that the catch volume will remain at the level of last year. However, saury may disappear from Russian shelves: since 2021, it has ceased to enter our waters.

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Deficiency is not expected In the next six months, a shortage of fish and fish food products is not expected on the shelves of Russian stores, Izvestia was told at the Federal Agency for Fisheries. “All types of fish familiar to the Russian consumer — herring, cod, mackerel, sockeye, as well as seafood — shrimp and squid, will not go anywhere. We do not foresee possible problems with the assortment on the Russian market," the Federal Agency for Fishery said. “Currently, negotiations are underway with new partners, new promising markets are being studied — the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with Indonesia was discussed the day before, negotiations were held with Argentina and Myanmar,” the Joint Press Service of the Federal Agency for Fishery said. - This year, the fishing industry is actively modernizing: ships and factories are currently being built, and thanks to the first stage of investment quotas, 21 fish processing plants have been built and three more are now being ...
Source: Fishretail
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