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Hong Kong customs seize large shipment of seafood from Australia

Таможня Гонконга изъяла крупную партию морепродуктов из Австралии
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Hong Kong
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Nov 16, 2021
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Customs officers from the Hong Kong Special Region of China showed a large shipment of seafood from Australia confiscated from smugglers, OTR reports. Members of the international cartel tried to smuggle almost two tons of live lobsters and trepangs worth $ 1.3 million to the PRC. The interception of an ocean-going boat became part of a large special operation of the Chinese naval forces. Its goal is to block the supply of Australian seafood. The import embargo has been in effect for over a year.
Relations between the countries were spoiled by statements by the Australian government that the city of Wuhan was the source of the spread of the coronavirus. In October, Chinese border guards intercepted 228 tons of Australian lobsters worth over $ 23 million. The import of grain, cotton, coal and wine is also banned. Liu Xiufai, spokesman for the Hong Kong Bureau for Combating Organized Crime: “We have yet to uncover the entire supply chain used by criminals to smuggle seafood. You can see for yourself: there are no ...
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