Horror prices in the Hungarian markets: That's why they now measure the hit fruit of the season

Published Jul 16, 2021

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Unfortunately, Hungary can no longer be said to be a raspberry superpower, the area under raspberries has been steadily declining since the change of regime, and the stagnant yield has been insufficient to meet the needs of domestic consumers. No wonder, therefore, that there are regular imports from Spain, Italy and even South America, writes HelloVidék. In Hungary, this berry is currently grown on only 160-170 hectares, the yield has been stagnant between 800-1000 tons for years, and a similar volume can be expected this year as well. By the way, several varieties are grown, in older plantations we can still find varieties bred in Fertőd, but there are also varieties of the British breeding line, and in modern, under-foil plantations, producers plant varieties according to modern cultivation technology. You may also be interested in! There will be a huge price increase: if it goes on like this, the Hungarian fruit will be a luxury. You may also be interested in! Like all ...
Source: Agrarszektor
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