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How self-sufficient is the UK, fruit and vegetable-wise?

Updated Oct 4, 2021
That's the same as in previous years. This is based on figures from the UK's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. Quite lopsided vegetable production: mostly large, full-soil productsIn the United Kingdom, total vegetable production has remained fairly stable in recent years, at 2,5 to 2,6 million tons. It used to be higher. British vegetable farming consists mainly of large open-field vegetables. Carrots are, by far, the most important product; in 2020, farmers cultivated 700,000 tons. Onions and cabbage, with 400,000 tons each, follow. Greenhouse vegetable production is rather modest, with a total of 270,000 tons. Here, tomatoes are the most important product at a mere 65,000 tons. The various vegetables' self-sufficiency rates vary considerably every year. It ranges from 100% for carrots, 90% for cabbage, and 60% for cauliflower, to 50% for mushrooms, 33% for lettuce, and 15% for tomatoes. With fruit, only strawberries have a self-sufficiency rate above 50%. In ...
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