Hungarian harvest data for 2023 and the hope of corn

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Published Oct 7, 2023

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In Hungary, the producers harvested 8.4 million tons of grain, with wheat accounting for 68.4 percent and barley accounting for 27 percent. The average yield of winter wheat increased by 36.5 percent compared to the previous year. The corn yield is expected to be good, and Hungary's expected average yield of grain corn is 140 percent higher than last year.
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It is worth counting after the harvest of grain crops. The producers in Hungary harvested a total of 8.4 million tons of grain, of which 68.4 percent was wheat and 27 percent was barley. The harvested area of winter wheat was 1 million hectares, the yield amount was 5.7 million tons, the average yield increased by 36.5 percent compared to last year, and was 5.8 tons/hectare nationally. A total of 2.3 million tons of fall and spring barley was harvested from an area 24.9 percent larger than last year, 416.3 thousand hectares, 52.8 percent more. The corn promises to be good. We brought the data of the Agrárközgazdasági Intézet (AKI) material entitled "Informative report on summer agricultural work (based on operative reports of August 13, 2023)". Farmers achieved the lowest average yield of winter wheat in Csongrád-Csanád county (5 tons/hectare), and the highest in Vas county (6.9 tons/hectare). Spring wheat was sown on 3.4 thousand hectares in 2023, an area 31.2 percent smaller ...
Source: Magro
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