Hungary will begin exporting pigeon meat to two countries

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Published Oct 25, 2023

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Hungary has signed an agreement to export pigeon meat to Singapore and Japan, prompting the launch of a pigeon meat production project in Gerbehage. The country has a history of exporting pigeon meat, but interest waned in the 2000s before receiving government support in 2018. Pigeon meat is valued for its dietary properties, with one farmer in Gerbehage citing the profitability of breeding 50 to 100 birds per year.
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A pigeon meat production project has been launched in the city of Gerbehage. A pigeon slaughterhouse and processing facility are being built there with a total cost of 500 million forints ($13,795 or 1,379,575 rubles at the current exchange rate). Interest in supplies is associated not only with the traditional interest in pigeon meat in the country, but also with the great benefits from it. China allowed supplies of Russian duck The peak demand for this meat was observed in the 1970s. Back then, you could often see live pigeons being delivered to customers in cages or boxes. And since 1990, the country has exported pigeon meat at a rate of one thousand tons per year, which required approximately two million birds. In the 2000s, after a change of government, interest in this sub-sector of livestock farming subsided. However, in 2018, blue breeding received strong government support to restart. Then the National Program “Soaring Economy” was launched to develop this industry. And ...
Source: Rosng
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