Spain: If Southern Europe were a single country, it would be the world's leading exporter of fruits and vegetables

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Published Feb 23, 2024

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Solar greenhouses in Southern Europe, especially Spain, are crucial for maintaining Europe's food autonomy, supplying quality fruits and vegetables to major consumer countries. Spain, a leading producer with 70,000 hectares of greenhouse vegetable cultivation, uses a sustainable model that drives the economy in provinces like Almería and Granada and contributes significantly to recycling. The sector is exploring the potential of photovoltaic solar energy on greenhouse roofs. Additionally, the campaign, co-financed by HortiEspaña and the European Union, aims to promote agri-food products using sustainable technologies in farming and marketing.
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Solar greenhouses have become a fundamental cultivation model to maintain food autonomy in Europe. Large consumer countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are looking for secure suppliers capable of continuing to supply supermarkets and distribution chains with quality fruits and vegetables for most of the year. "If the area of Southern Europe were a single country, it would be the world's leading exporter of eggplant and the second in the case of products such as cucumbers and peppers," says Juan Carlos Pérez Mesa, a professor at the University of Almería linked to the Area of Economics and Business and co-director of the COEXPHAL-UAL Chair in an interview for the It's a greenhouse program. Sustainable Fruits and Vegetables from Europe. This initiative, launched by HortiEspaña and co-financed by the EU, within the framework of promoting agri-food products Enjoy, Its from Europe, aims to raise awareness among the population about this sustainable ...
Source: InfoAgro
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