In 2020/21, world consumption of almonds will reach 1.5 million tons - forecast

Published Nov 8, 2020

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According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), world almond production in 2020/21 will increase by 15% compared to the 2019/20 season to 1.7 million tons (in terms of peeled almonds).

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World consumption will reach 1.5 million tons. Almond exports will grow by 15% to 951 thousand tons, according to FruitNews according to the USDA. Almond production in the United States will increase by 18% to 1.4 million tons due to increased cultivation. 60% of grown almonds are intended for export and sales to foreign markets are expected to increase by 13% to 825 thousand tons due to increased supplies to the EU, India and East Asia. In the European Union, the almond harvest will increase by 2% to 140 thousand tons. Imports of almonds are expected to increase by 15% to 325 thousand tons due to growing demand from producers of food ingredients, confectionery, as well as supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Imports of these nuts to China will ...
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