In 2023: Imports of vegetables in Bulgaria are growing, our exports are decreasing

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Published Feb 24, 2024

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The National Statistical Institute reports a 4% increase in the import of fresh vegetables to 265.6 thousand tons from January to November 2023, largely due to increased supplies of tomatoes, peppers, and leguminous vegetables. However, vegetable exports decreased by 2.4% to 33,876 tons, with significant drops in cucumber and potato exports. Fresh fruit imports also fell by 1.6% to 353.4 thousand tons, led by a decrease in apple imports, while fruit exports dropped by 13.3% to 61,105 tons. Despite a decrease in citrus fruit exports, there was an increase in the export of pears, kiwis, quinces, cherries, and grapes.
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The import of leguminous vegetables increased by 76% in a year, of raspberries and strawberries – three times According to preliminary data of NSI, in the period January - November 2023, 265.6 thousand tons of fresh vegetables were imported into the country, which is nearly 4% more compared to a year earlier. The export of vegetables has decreased by 2.4% and has shrunk to 33,876 tons. The numbers show that imports are almost 8 times larger in quantity than exports. For the period January - November 2023, 353.4 thousand tons of fresh fruit were imported into the country, which is 1.6% less compared to the same period of 2022. The export of fruit decreased most significantly – by 13.3%. During January-November 2023, exports were measured at 61,105 tons, while for the same period a year earlier it was 70,496 tons. Vegetables Import The increase in the total import of fresh vegetables is mainly due to the larger supplies of tomatoes (by 7 thousand tons or 8.6%) and peppers (by 3.8 ...
Source: Agroplovdiv
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