China: In January, the price of vegetables rose month-on-month, but it was still lower than the same period in normal years, and it is expected that the supply will be sufficient during the Spring Festival to meet the peak demand of consumption

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Published Feb 8, 2024

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Despite severe weather conditions impacting vegetable production and supply in central and eastern China, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs expects the national supply of vegetables to be guaranteed during the Spring Festival due to increased vegetable field area and sufficient winter storage. Measures are being implemented to ensure steady production and supply, particularly in large cities and disaster-stricken areas, including a 'green channel' policy for fresh produce transportation and on-site technical services. Post-holiday, vegetable prices are expected to decrease with rising temperatures.
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Recently, the Planting Industry Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized the National Meteorological Center, some major vegetable producing provinces, the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the China Vegetable Association and relevant experts to discuss and judge the recent situation, especially Vegetable production and supply situation during the Spring Festival. Generally speaking, in the first and middle of January, the national average temperature was higher than the same period of the year, and the sunshine was relatively sufficient. The price of vegetable fields was stable and slightly decreased. In late January, affected by the cold wave weather, the growth of vegetables slowed down and the price of vegetables stopped. The decline has rebounded, but it is still lower than the normal level for the same period of the year. At present, the country's vegetable field area is 70.08 million ...
Source: Foodmate
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