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Em busca de novos fornecedores, China vai começar a comprar soja da Tanzânia

Em busca de novos fornecedores, China vai começar a comprar soja da Tanzânia
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Regulation / Agreement
Oct 30, 2020
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According to him, the agreement is part of Beijing's promise to support African nations by expanding imports - especially beyond natural resources - made during the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in 2018. “Both China and Africa can benefit stronger commercial ties, ”said Wu. Today, the newspaper reports, China's imports from Africa are dominated by natural resources, such as crude oil, copper, cobalt, iron ore and diamonds, which it buys to meet its industrial and manufacturing needs. "In return, Africa imports machinery, electronics and manufactured consumer goods from China." Tanzania is the last African nation to sign an agreement with Beijing, allowing agricultural exports to the country, helping to reduce the trade deficit that has been mainly in favor of China. Other African countries with such businesses include Kenya (avocado, tea, coffee and roses), Ethiopia (coffee and soy), Namibia (beef), Botswana (beef and by-products), South Africa (fruits) and Rwanda (coffee) . In ...
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