Vietnam: In the dry season, farmers in Tien Giang still have a good income from growing vegetables

Updated Mar 28, 2023
At this time, farmers in Tien Giang province planted nearly 10,000 hectares of crops, of which in the "Sweetification of Go Cong" area (in the districts of Cho Gao, Go Cong Tay, Go Cong Dong, Go Cong town) despite the source. Fresh water is limited but still maintains nearly 5,000 hectares of crops. In the majority of crops, farmers choose short-term varieties, adapted to drought such as: vegetables, peppers, chives, gourd gourd, corn... In Tan Phu Dong island, despite the source Fresh water is rare, but nearly 2,000 hectares of citronella trees are still productive, helping people in this difficult land have a source of income to reduce difficulties in life. After harvesting the Winter-Spring rice crop, the dam system in Tien Giang province still operates in the direction of storing fresh water and preventing salinity to serve water for crops. Currently, the Go Cat and Bao Dinh sluices (My Tho City) are still open when the salinity allows to take fresh water from the Tien River ...
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