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In Ukraine, rhubarb is beginning to be grown on an industrial scale

Updated Jul 15, 2021
Yulia Voroshchuk grows vegetables on an area of not much, not less than 19 hectares. And on organic technology. That is, weeding only by cultivating between rows and by hand, for which you have to hire a lot of people, and no "chemistry". Accordingly, the yield is lower than could be obtained by intensive technology But nearby - a capacious market, where there are enough consumers willing to pay extra for environmentally friendly, healthy products: the plantation is located near the town of Yahotyn in Kyiv region, less than 100 km from Kiev. She grows a whole range of organic vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn and even ornamental kale. As sales play an important role in the organic vegetable business, Yulia Voroshchuk sells products under her own brand (TM OSO), organized delivery to Kyiv to retail chains and restaurants, and delivery by Nova Poshta to end consumers throughout Ukraine. But the uniqueness of the farm is that the main crop here is rhubarb - a ...
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