Increasing temperatures will hit meat and milk production in East Africa

Goat Meat
South Sudan
Published Feb 19, 2021

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Analysis of historical data from 1981-2010 shows that livestock have already been progressively subjected to heat stress conditions. According to projections, this is set to worsen significantly, with severe implications for livestock unable to cope with the extra heat.Authors warn that 4-19% of current meat and milk production occurs in areas where dangerous heat stress conditions are likely to increase in frequency from 2071-2100. If climate conditions persist at their current accelerated rate, elevated levels of heat stress could make much of East Africa unsuitable for exotic pig, poultry and dairy cattle production unless direct and immediate action is taken.Using limited available data and current climate projections, researchers say that dairy production is expected to be hit hardest in South Sudan, Southern parts of Eritrea, and eastern and northwestern parts of Kenya. In Uganda, heat stress conditions are already prevalent in parts of the country, requiring collective ...
Source: Phys
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