Russia: The volume of the world pistachio market grew by 4%

Updated Nov 21, 2020
Consumption by country The countries with the highest consumption of pistachios in 2019 were: Iran (490 thousand tons), Turkey (263 thousand tons) and the United States (255 thousand tons), which together accounted for 67% of total consumption. In value terms, the largest pistachio-consuming countries were Iran ($ 3.7bn), the USA ($ 2bn) and Turkey ($ 1.6bn). The combined share of these countries in 2019 was 69% of the total. The countries with the highest per capita consumption of pistachios in 2019 were Iran (5.90 kg per person per year), Turkey (3.18 kg per person per year) and Hong Kong (3.12 kg per person per year). Market forecast for 2019 - 2030 The consumption of pistachios is predicted to grow in the next decade. Growth is projected at + 1.1% per annum for the period from 2019 to 2030, which will lead to an increase in market size to 1.7 million tons by the end of 2030. Production Production of pistachios in 2019 increased by 8.1% to 1.5 million tons. Total production ...
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