India aspires to become a world power, what opportunities does Peru have with its exports

Published May 4, 2021

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Luis Cabello, commercial economic advisor of Peru in India, detailed a series of Peruvian products that could be successful in the Asian country. He commented that the talks for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) are on hold, but an eventual elimination of tariffs would favor Peruvian exports. Several economic analysts have referred to India as the "China of 2050".

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That is, they predict that the Asian country with 1,366 million inhabitants will become a world power. For Rafael Zacnich, manager of economic studies at ComexPerú, due to its large population and the limitation of natural resources, said country represents a market with great potential for Peru to enter not only with mineral and energy products, but also with agricultural products. To find out more about this issue, this newspaper contacted Luis Cabello, Commercial Economic Counselor of Peru in New Delhi, India. In effect, he pointed out that in recent years, Asia has experienced the highest economic growth at the international level and although China is the most prominent, India is among the top ten countries in the world with the highest GDP. Along these lines, he pointed out that the Indian government has made great efforts in the last 20 years to substantially improve the business environment, through the greater opening of its imports. He stressed that being the second most ...
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