India began importing pulses from Brazil

Published Mar 15, 2024

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India has started importing urad dal (black lentils) from Brazil, marking the first time the country has sourced this pulse from a country other than Myanmar. The move comes as India seeks to diversify its pulse imports due to supply disruptions in Myanmar caused by internal security issues. The first shipment from Brazil contained around 3,000 tons, with a total of 20,000 tons expected to be imported this year. India is also exploring potential urad dal and tur (blue peas) supplies from Argentina.
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To diversify its dependence on a limited number of countries for imports of pulses, India has for the first time started sourcing urad dal (black lentils) from Brazil, reports DatamarNews. In particular, it is reported that the first batch of Brazilian pulses with a volume of about 3,000 tons was delivered to the country. In total, this year it is planned to import about 20 thousand tons of this crop from Brazil to India. Currently, India imports urad dal only from Myanmar, where supply has been disrupted due to internal security issues. As Indian officials noted, the country is working with Brazil and Argentina to supply urad dal and tur (blue peas), because dependence on one supplier carries certain risks. Domestic consumption of pulses in South American countries is low, while crops like urad dal and tur can be grown in ...
Source: Zol
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