India is the largest milk-consuming country in the world; what about Indonesia?

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Published Jan 16, 2024

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India is the largest milk consumer in the world, surpassing even the European Union and the United States, with a domestic consumption of 87.05 million metric tonnes by 2023. The Indian dairy industry has shown significant growth, with milk production reaching over 221 million metric tons by 2022 and a high level of diversity in dairy products. In comparison, milk consumption trends in Indonesia have fluctuated over the last decade, with per capita consumption reaching its highest peak of 4.61 kilograms in 2011, but then decreasing to 3.59 kilograms in 2013 and only reaching around 4.03 kilograms in 2020, although there are projections for a slight increase in the coming years.
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TABLOIDSINARTANI.COM, Jakarta -- In the world of milk consumption, India has become the largest country in the world. However, the question is: How can Indonesia adopt India's success in achieving the distinction of being the largest milk consumer? According to the latest report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), worldwide consumption of cow's milk will reach an impressive figure in 2023, namely around 194.65 million metric tons. Although a slight increase compared to the previous year, which reached 193.05 million metric tons in 2022, this development shows stability in global demand for dairy products. It is important to note that India stands out as the leader in cow's milk consumption worldwide, with domestic consumption reaching 87.05 million metric tonnes by 2023. Another interesting fact revealed in the report is that India has consistently led global cow's milk consumption since 2019 . In second place, the European Union also made a significant ...
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