Influx of potatoes from Ukraine?; regulations prohibit potato import from outside the EU, according to PIORIN

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Published Oct 26, 2023

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The Polish market had concerns about imported potatoes from Ukraine, worried that they may destabilize the market. However, the Minister of Agriculture clarified that the deputy minister's statement was based on false information. The import of potatoes from non-EU countries, including Ukraine, is prohibited according to EU regulations.
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The inflow of potatoes from Ukraine became famous, among others. following Monday's statement by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Krzysztof Ciecióra, who spoke in Luxembourg after the end of the first day of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council. “We have a problem with additional food products that enter our market to an excessive extent. Now, for example, there is a problem with potatoes that appear on our market and are imported from Ukraine. We have great concerns about whether these will not be further symptoms of destabilization of our market," said Ciecióra, quoted by the Polish Press Agency. Import of potatoes from outside the EU banned However, it was probably a false alarm. - Potatoes are not a problem. The deputy minister stated this based on conversations with farmers. Farmers tell us many things, but after later verification of these words, it turns out that they are false information - corrected the Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, in a statement for ...
Source: AgroPolska
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