Investments in five countries India, China, Brazil, Pakistan, and Sudan may hold the key to tackling climate challenges in animal farming

Updated Jul 7, 2023
To address the climate crisis, a paradigm shift in the global livestock sector is not an option—it is a necessity. But in a new study, agrifood and biodiversity experts ask how and where this transformation should occur.
They found that with the right strategies and financing in place, it is possible to make a dramatic change in both carbon emissions and productivity. In their paper​​, published in the journal, Nature Sustainability, researchers from the CGIAR's Livestock and Climate Initiative and Wageningen University outline how investments in a handful of countries—India, China, Brazil, Pakistan, and Sudan—can have an enormous impact. Globally, the authors say, changes to the livestock sector have immense potential to both mitigate the climate crisis, and help people adapt. ‘Improve livestock production, don’t bin it’​ Keeping farm animals is vital to the livelihoods of almost a billion people in Africa and South Asia. Goats, cows, and sheep provide milk and meat, pull ploughs, are deeply woven into cultures, and function as a form of insurance in tough times. "We really don't see a future without livestock," says Jacobo Arango from the Alliance of the Biodiversity International and the ...
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