Ireland seeks algae to reduce methane from cows

Frozen Bone-In Beef
Frozen Seaweed
Published Nov 24, 2021

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Scientists in Ireland are searching the west coast for seaweed to feed cattle and sheep after research showed it could prevent them from exhaling so much methane.

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According to an article published by Reuters, the project is tapping into the country's growing seaweed harvesting industry, seeking new markets as it revives centuries-old traditions. (Read: They create a supplement that not only reduces methane but also generates income for farmers) But some are skeptical that seaweed feed additives could circumvent the need to reverse an increase in Irish cattle numbers if the country wants to deduct Europe's largest per capita methane production by 2030. The note explains that researchers have tested around 20 species of algae, most from the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Project partners have collected dozens more in Norway, Canada, Sweden, Germany and the UK. Scientists from the United States and Australia have already demonstrated dramatic methane-reducing qualities of one type of algae, Asparagopsis, when small amounts are added to the raw material. But they have not yet managed to increase the production of algae, which is not easy to grow in ...
Source: MXContexto
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