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Published Feb 8, 2024

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The geese farming sector, led by France in Europe, is facing numerous challenges including bird flu, decreased demand, and the need for more humane animal husbandry. Hungary, leading in exports, has been severely affected by bird flu, causing a significant decrease in the duck and goose population. Despite these challenges, Hungarian waterfowl processors had a stable year in 2023 due to strong export demand. However, the bird flu has disrupted production cycles, potentially leading to a significant loss in compensation. France has initiated a vaccination program against bird flu, starting with mulard ducks in 2023, despite the high costs.
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Special problems of the sector Several factors make it difficult for the geese in times of crisis. One is the bumping of the demand side, and the other is the special challenges of goose farming. Compensation for losses caused by bird flu will also be narrower. France accounts for 70 percent of European foie gras production, Hungary is in second place with a 20 percent production share, and Bulgaria is in third place (8–10%). But when it comes to exports, we are the world leader with our 3.5-4.5 thousand tons. An important difference is that, while ducks account for 90-95 percent of French and Bulgarian production, geese make up nearly a quarter of the waterfowl stock in our country. The duck population of 2.7 million and the goose population of 614,000 counted on December 1, 2023 represented a 36 percent decrease compared to the previous year. The number of keepers has also decreased, with a drop of 27 percent in the case of ducks and 22 percent in the case of geese. The captive ...
Source: Agraragazat
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