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Raspberry in Hungary can be over as it can happen slowly, which many feared

Updated Aug 24, 2021
The heat waves that have been experienced this summer as well make it almost impossible to grow raspberries, so much so that there’s slowly no point in talking about it. György Csizmadia, the head of the Fejér County Horticultural Department of the National Chamber of Agriculture, told Infostart that even in his own half-hectare garden, he found that the fruit remained very small on the one hand, and that it roasted on the plant. Because of this, it is an inability to produce the same quantity and quality with conventional cultivation as it did twenty years ago. You may also be interested in! The situation is critical: Hungarian raspberry production is dying, can the domestic fruit disappear? You may also be interested in! The other problem the expert sees is that raspberries are a fruit that requires an extraordinary amount of manual labor that should be picked every other day, but it is almost impossible to find labor economically for this. In addition, industrial raspberry ...
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