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Turkey: Mushroom opened the season from 50 liras, it dropped to 25 liras

Sezonu 50 liradan açmıştı 25 liraya kadar düştü
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Dec 10, 2021
From Haber7
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Çıntar, which has an important place in Muğla food culture, has become a source of livelihood in two months due to its economic value for citizens living in rural neighborhoods. Cintar, which grows in the natural environment in pine areas, is also known as kanrica, melki or çilmik in some regions. The villager became a source of livelihood for 2 months The sycamore crop, which has not been found for the last two years due to the arid and rainless autumn season, is experiencing abundance this year with the rains. Cintar, which has become one of the most important livelihoods of the people living in rural neighborhoods, is hand-picked and offered for sale in the markets in the city centres. His weight dropped from 50 lira to 25 lira While many citizens open stalls to sell the sycamore product they collect every day of the week in the Menteşe Marketplace, the kilogram price starting from 50 liras varies between 25 liras and 35 liras depending on the shape and appearance of the ...
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