Italian zucchini is the highlight of the week (22 to 26/01) at CEAGESP wholesale

Market & Price Trends
Published Jan 24, 2024

Tridge summary

On Monday, 22/01, the wholesale price of Italian zucchini at CEAGESP was R$ 1.03/kg, marking an average annual decrease of 47.7% and a monthly decrease of 36.9%. The report also categorized various products into favorable, stable, and unfavorable purchase trends. Frosted avocado, Persian lime, and Italian zucchini showed favorable trends, while Breda avocado, honey ruby plum, and dwarf banana remained stable. However, pearl pineapple, plantain, and lime orange were listed under unfavorable trends.
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Original content

In a quote made on Monday, 22/01, Italian zucchini was priced at R$ 1.03/kg wholesale from CEAGESP. Data from the Company's Economy and Development Section (SEDES) indicate that, at the same time last year, the product was priced at R$1.97/kg. Therefore, the product presents an average annual reduction of 47.7%. In the monthly comparison, the average reduction is 36.9%. PRODUCTS WITH FAVORABLE PURCHASE TRENDS Frosted avocado, Persian lime, Tahiti lemon, papaya, watermelon, red guava, dragon fruit, strawberry pumpkin, São Paulo pumpkin, Italian zucchini, eggplant, cassava, common cucumber, flat lettuce, curly lettuce, iceberg lettuce, chives, corn green and moyashi. PRODUCTS WITH STABLE PURCHASE TRENDS Breda avocado, honey ruby plum, dwarf banana, green coconut, carambola, Haden mango, baby watermelon, Formosa papaya, yellow melon, strawberry, purple fig, Niagara grape, Japanese pumpkin, Brazilian zucchini, pink sweet potato, gherkin, cassava, Sweet Grape tomato, Débora tomato, ...
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